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Herman Cain: Half of blacks ‘brainwashed’ by media into hating Donald Trump
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans trying to turn U.S. into ‘far-right Christian theocracy’
Trump biographer: President stonewalling House inquiries due to belief in his ‘genetic superiority’
Harvard Lampoon apologizes for Anne Frank bikini image, condemns ‘all forms of anti-Semitism’
Terry Bradshaw apologizes to Ken Jeong, ‘Asian-American community’ for racially insensitive remark
Felicity Huffman pleads guilty in college scheme
Kevin McCarthy: Donald Trump Jr. testimony wouldn’t change Mueller report outcome
Mike Pence tells Christian students to resist ‘secular left’
WWII memorial slams Rep. Eric Swalwell for comparing Russian election meddling to Pearl Harbor
Former Red Sox David Ortiz boycotting White House ceremony due to Trump’s immigration rhetoric