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Trump admin bars federal funding for abortion clinics
Don Lemon worries about Jussie Smollett arrest coverage, says Fox News will ‘eat his lunch’
Border Patrol agents fired upon by assailant in Mexico
PETA slammed for tweet eulogizing ‘old nemesis’ Karl Lagerfeld
Alec Baldwin wonders if Trump’s ‘SNL’ tweet ‘constitutes a threat’
Bill Weld mulls 2020 primary challenge to Trump: ‘He’s not indispensable at all’
Cardinal Theodore McCarrick defrocked by Pope Francis
Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid settle collusion cases with NFL
Susan Block, sex therapist, tells Salon: Men, ‘ammosexuals’ attracted to ‘evil daddy’ Trump
Smokey Robinson defends Jennifer Lopez against ‘bigotry’: Motown not ‘just music for black people’