America’s Army

US Army Is Preparing For Decades Of Hybrid Wars

October 17, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Released on Monday, the US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, or TRADOC, drafted a new strategy for how US ground forces will operate, fight, and campaign successfully across multiple domains—space, cyberspace, air, land, maritime—against all […]


The Legacy Of Reagan’s Civilian ‘PsyOps’

October 15, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Robert Parry via, When the Reagan administration launched peacetime “psyops” in the mid-1980s, it pulled in civilian agencies to help spread these still-ongoing techniques of deception and manipulation… Declassified records from the […]


Was There A Second Shooter In Vegas?

October 3, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Video has emerged that raises serious questions about the official authorities’ version of events in Las Vegas On Sunday night… The official story is… At this time we do not believe there are any more […]