The Endlessness Of A Temporary Tax

December 26, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Jeff Thomas via, Governments regularly claim that they favour tax reform. When this claim has been repeated so many times that virtually no one believes them anymore, they announce a tax reform, […]

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As Good As It Gets?

December 25, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Sven Henrich via, So they got their tax cut done. In the middle of the night again no less, despite the vast majority of the American people not wanting it. The reason […]


3-(Mis)Statements About Tax Reform

December 21, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Lance Roberts via, With the passage of the Tax Cut And Jobs Act on Wednesday, I wanted to address a few of the questions and misinformation currently circulating about the impact of […]