Association for Humane Drug Policy

Norway Is Moving To Decriminalize All Drug Use

December 15, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Carey Wedler via, Norway is the latest country to move toward decriminalizing drugs and promoting addiction treatment rather than punishing addicts. This week, a majority of members of the Norwegian parliament directed the national […]


Michael Hudson: America’s Monetary Imperialism

November 30, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Michael Hudson via, In theory, the global financial system is supposed to help every country gain. Mainstream teaching of international finance, trade and “foreign aid” (defined simply as any government credit) depicts […]

European Union

The EU’s Biggest Standing Armies

November 16, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

As we detailed previously, the foreign and defense secretaries of 23 EU countries (out of 28 in total) agreed on Monday to take further steps towards forming a European defense force. Five countries opted out: […]