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I’ll Get A Ton Of Hate Mail For This

December 17, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

By Chris at Before we get started. Soooo… if you’re looking for seed capital let me know. I’ll put you in touch. Silent Wednesday? I’ve a friend who never works Wednesdays. It’s the middle of […]


The Great Oil Swindle

December 16, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Chris Martenson via, … is leading us to destruction. When it comes to the story we’re being told about America’s rosy oil prospects, we’re being swindled.  At its core, the swindle is […]

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Poloz right to be worried

December 15, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Sprott Money News   December 15, 2017   Poloz right to be worried For original click here:       Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz cited numerous worries plaguing the economy during his speech to […]

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Why We Should Worry About China

December 15, 2017 Zero Hedge 0

Authored by Daniel Lacalle via The Mises Institute, Many of our readers might remember the late 80s. There were hundreds of movies, songs and books about the inevitable Japanese economic invasion. The ones of you […]