Sky People Fruit Juice Soars Because Now They’re a Crypto Play

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Sky People Fruit Juice closed +64% to $3, down from an intra-day high $5 (+200%) on news of now being a crypto play. Don’t laugh; I’m deadly serious.

Traders on Twitter were quick to link the company to blockchain technology and the bitcoin craze, since Future FinTech announced in June it had changed its name from “SkyPeople Fruit Juice” to focus on financial technology.

However, there is no mention of “blockchain,” “bitcoin” or anything crypto-related in the release or the company’s November presentation to investors. The documents show the company intends to focus on commodities trading and e-commerce platforms, given its background in agricultural goods.

David Rudnick, Future FinTech’s investor relations representative, had no comment.

Trading volume topped 7 million shares, versus the 30-day average of about 248,000 shares, according to FactSet.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday suspended trading in shares of The Crypto Co. until early January due to concerns that included potential stock manipulation. When contacted by CNBC, the company had yet to provide a statement by Tuesday afternoon.

Everyone is a crypto play now. iBankCoin will now begin accepting payments for Exodus in Bitcoins. On this morsel of news, I expect the value of my website to soar.

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