Fire Breaks Out On The Roof Of The New York Fed

Dozens of firefighters are fighting a blaze which broke out on the top of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NBC New York reports. The fire broke out sometime before 8:40 p.m. on the roof of the 14-story building at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan, the location of the world’s biggest gold vault as Simon Gruber knows too well.

Manhattan: *2 Alarm Fire* Box 061 at 33 Liberty St, heavy fire of a federal reserve bank. Fire on the roof.

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 8, 2017

Several videos show numerous fire trucks at the scene around 9 p.m. 

Uh the Federal Reserve is kinda on fire.

— the ghost of jay (@jaydestro) October 8, 2017

Contrary to recurring rumors that the fire was created from excess money creation, the FDNY said that a generator on the roof of the building caused the fire in a chimney, although the severity of the damage to the building is not known.

Just a fire atop the Federal Reserve @nytimes @wsj @nypost anyone know what’s going on

— Daniel Feldstein (@feldstein) October 8, 2017

No injuries have been reported.

Must be a fire going on at the Federal Reserve… Never seen so many fire trucks in my life at least 15

— Michael Rothman (@TheRealRothman) October 8, 2017

NYC News Fire Erupts on Roof of Federal Reserve Bank

— NYC NewsChannel (@NYC_NC) October 8, 2017

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the most important of the 12 regional Reserve Banks that are part of the Federal Reserve system, the central banking system of the United States. As previously reported, the world’s most important trading desk, also known as the “Plunge Protection Team”, is located on the 9th floor of the New York Fed.

Here are some snapshots.

Blake Gwinn, left, and James White in the operations room at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)







A Trader Monitors Four Computer Screens on the Open Market Trading Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)






Open Market Trading Floor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)







And just because…


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Author: Tyler Durden

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